Kirsten Stolee, Digital Communications Coordinator, Selkirk College

As a single mom of three teenagers who works full time, I was starting to feel the physical and emotional toll of putting myself last on a long to-do list. When I connected with Becky for coaching, I was looking for a way to prioritize my own well-being as I worried that continuing along my current path would cause further harm to my health.

Becky was able to understand my current state of being through active listening and insightful questions. I appreciated her great empathy and felt comfortable opening up. I was able to relate to our coaching topic through fitting metaphors written by Becky, which illustrated my current and preferred states of being: Who am I now and who do I want to be?

Becky’s approach was creative, personable, and very beneficial to me. I realized a great deal about myself and my ideas of what I need to do to take care of ‘me’.

I had never consulted with a coach before now, though I’d been to counselling several times. I connected with Becky because I was interested in a more action-based approach in addition to exploring my thoughts and feelings.

I benefitted greatly from the practices Becky provided every couple of weeks, as they helped me establish new ways of being.

It’s one thing to know I need more ‘me’ time, and another to practice it!

I would recommend Becky to anyone feeling stuck in their life. Having someone wise and caring to mentor me made a big difference. I feel more aware of my own needs and know ways to start making them a priority.

Kirsten Stolee, Digital Communications Coordinator, Selkirk College