The Story of How I Got Here

Walking in the South East Downs of England

  Here’s how it all began… One day, about a year after my 23-year-old daughter died, I was hiking on a snowy mountain path that I’d never taken before. I got completely lost and came close to a real cliff-edge moment. Thankfully, I caught myself before it was too late. In that moment, I realized…

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How’s Your Wobbly Factor?

Change is constant. How we experience change…that’s up to us. -Meredith Grey- While a few crave change, most of us avoid it like the plague. Change knocks us off centre, makes us wobbly and uncomfortable. But when life gets tough, change offers us the hope that things will get better. Three years ago I said…

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This One Day

What if you died tomorrow? A shocking question possibly, but very important nonetheless. For the young and healthy it may even seem irrelevant, very likely abhorrent.  But really, what if you died tomorrow?  What would die with you? What words? What blessings? What gratitudes you never got round to sharing with the ones you treasure…

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