Coaching Q & A

What exactly is life coaching?


Simply put, a life coach helps a client define exactly what they want to experience, feel, or achieve in their life, that is different from where they are now.

Coaching helps a client to build new neural pathways that lead to lasting, sustainable change.

In other words, coaching builds capacity, rather than dependency.

Coaching is a co-creative process.

Our work together will involve deep, powerful conversations.

Coaching isn’t about “getting rid of” or “fixing” what feels to be a problem.

It’s about seeing.

We cannot change what we cannot see.


Who Do I Work With?


People come to me when they feel a sense of urgency…a quiet knocking that keeps them awake, or a sudden realization that “we get one crack at life”, and surely… surely there must be more to it than this!

They want the confidence to take a leap. 

Some feel like they’ve misplaced the plot of their lives. Just as I did. 

Some know about my own journey through heartbreaking loss and how I navigated my own path forward.

They want help to re-engage after hardship or loss, or to map out the next chapter of their life on their own terms. Most of all they want a sense of vitality.

They look to me for inspiration, a kind of, “If she can do it, maybe I can too!”

People come to me because they are ready to be in conversation. They feel safe to share, and they feel heard. Clients tell me they appreciate my insight and clarity. 

I help them see with new eyes, to get clear on what deeply matters to them. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

I see it as pressing the reset button.

I love working with people who have the courage to start over again. People who are curious and open to re-navigating life in an uncertain world.


Here’s what you can expect from me:


I will meet you exactly where you are.

I will help you uncover your deep longings and get clear on what really matters.

I will help you to articulate an understanding of what you really want.

I will create practices that will support you in building new capabilities, or ‘flexing muscles’, that make progress possible.

I will offer my ideas to you with an open hand.

Together we will explore your current way of approaching a topic and discover new ways to move forward.

Together we can help you build new neural pathways that will lead to lasting, sustainable change.


Why Integral Coaching™?

Integral Coaching™ is a wholistic process of deep human transformation that’s widely considered to be the foremost approach to embodying change.

The power of the Integral Coaching™ methodology comes from its unique weave of knowledge, insight, and practice from the major human disciplines: development psychology, biology, cognitive science, philosophy and spirituality.

Coaching is deeply rooted in the present. It starts with “what is” and focuses on moving forward.

Please know that I hold our time together with deep respect and am committed to getting at the heart of things.

Coaching sessions occur on Zoom.