Ever Considered Being A House Sitter But Didn’t Know Where To Start?

“Look out for eggs in strange places,” the homeowners cry joyfully, Quantas bound. It’s been three weeks now and the chooks aren’t putting out. Well not as far as I can tell. If they’re laying, they’re not letting on. Thing is, I have been looking: under boulders, piles of grass, roosting spots, but no eggs. Nada. Nothing.  What’s worse is one’s losing all her feathers.

House sitting can be full of surprises, some great, others…well, interesting.  It’s been my way of life for the past year and suits me just fine, but it’s not for everyone!

Since friends often ask me how it all works, offering my tips for house sitting seemed like a great idea. So, here it is… 

12 pages of practical tips for finding work, house sitting web sites, and those all-important tips of the trade.

If you’ve ever considered house sitting as a way to see the world, or simply as an option for a short getaway, you need to read this!

5 comments on “Ever Considered Being A House Sitter But Didn’t Know Where To Start?

    1. Hi Monique, just click on the front cover image and you’ll have it. You can download it from there and send to others. Hope it helps xxx

  1. Becky, you truly are an amazing and clever person, what a fantastic, well thought out and informative guide. Hopefully you will come back to Bunbury one day and we can finally meet in person. Keep well Gail x

  2. Hi Becky. A wonderful list of hints. You are such a good writer. You must write a book about your life and travels and thoughts. Hope all going well for you. We are going along as before. Michelle had a baby girl. Ellie. We think of you and hope life is good. May get to Vancouver again one day. All the best wishes from Bunbury. Xx

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