Tying the Knot

Wedding anniversary – time to celebrate tying of the proverbial knot, except ours came loose late in the last century. Wrong man at the right time? Possibly. Good rope? Probably. Knot-tying challenged? Definitely.

(from www.captainconcierge.com)
No wonder so many have a hard time keeping the knot tied! Too much weather damage, dizzying twists and turns, rodents gnawing on aging threads.
Groucho Marx joked, “Marriage is an institution, but who wants to be institutionalized?” Me once, almost twice. Renewing instead, a vow of freedom, an embodiment of possibilities to guide the journey ahead.

Today, a dear friend commits himself ‘for better or worse’. A great sailor, I trust he’s got the knot-tying thing under wraps.

1 comment on “Tying the Knot

  1. Amazing!!!! I know this knot! Just put b through Z and then fix it up with D
    Wherein you add the pythagoras therom and then, viola!, you have a lifetime!!
    I love your writing!