Reframe Your Life, Repair Your Mood

In his book ‘Why Good Things Happen to Good People’ author Stephen Post claims that Giving is the all-important ingredient for good health. No doubt. Practicing gratitude tops the list. Short of the Oprah version of listing 10 things as we fall into bed each night, (easy on good days and easily forgotten on all the rest) requires further insight. What more can we thankless ones try?
Celebrate, for one. Count me in. Celebration wells up from a state of gratitude, moves us from fear to faith, (envisage a spider’s web a circle of love before prompt removal) and my favourite, “moves us from tired to inspired”. OK, now I really want to get on the party plans. Who doesn’t want to be inspired?
Savour the day. There’s just this one for sure. Go ahead and ponder something, anything that you might be remotely or hugely grateful for. And if it involves giving food, wine, music, and great conversation then you’ve got it going on. 

1 comment on “Reframe Your Life, Repair Your Mood

  1. Well, I will raise a glass (metaphorically only for the moment) to my celebration of YOU and our friendship. I will miss you and am so glad you will be blogging so I can hear all about it. Here's to savouring the day, and to the many good meals we've savoured together and those yet to come. Cheers, baby!