Rachel’s Ashes

Today my 23 year-old daughter would have turned 27. She loved to travel. In her final days her dad asked,

“How about mum and I take your ashes with us wherever we travel, so you can keep traveling too?”

She nodded.  Yes.

Rachel’s Ashes is a slideshow of the places she now lives. A legacy of love, a source of deep healing, my faith in new beginnings.


6 comments on “Rachel’s Ashes

  1. A selection of emailed comments… softening the edges of the day

    Beautifully done, Becky. It was lovely to see the photos of so many wonderful places, to listen to that music Rachel loved, and to think of her on this day. Thank you 🙂 AS

    So Beautiful Becky,

    My heart just ripped open watching and I feel so grateful that you have shared your journey and your love of Rachel. GW (UK)

    Becky thanks for sharing this. A really beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. I’m glad I shared in part of your journey. AM (India)

  2. …and some more

    Dearest Becky,
    Rachel was so loved.
    I am holding you in the light.
    I am holding you both in love.

    I’m really very moved by that. I had no idea that was what you were
    up to at the time.
    You are a remarkable woman.

    Thank you Becky for including us in this message and for making time for us on your journey. It was an amazing goosebump kind of moment sitting with you on the deck and hearing you describe your bike ride and realizing with you that it was a metaphor for your own feelings that your journey is ending, or at least changing. I’ll hope you keep us in the loop as you go forward. You are welcome back here any time.

  3. Awesome video…Becky.
    You have certainly done some travelling over the past 2 years…now Charlotte can one day add the closing scenes, from New Zealand , to go along with your lovely score.

    Well done…and hopefully, my travel days are not yet over. I,m glad to see Rachel’s ashes are along the Big Sur, with the California Condors.


    Ps, put a small plant at her North Van marker yesterday. A warm, blue sky day on the mountain.


  4. Oh Becky, my tears flowed watching your video – so so beautiful has been your faithfulness to love and to remember and to LIVE – Thank you for sharing your journey so generously. My love goes with you in this ending and beginning. Frances

  5. …and some more

    Many beautiful places in our beautiful world.
    I see you must like Lord of the Rings? Wonderful music!
    May Rachel’s soul rest in peace and may your living soul have peace Becky!

    This is what a parent’s love looks like. I feel blessed that your journey brought you to us. Thank you for sharing. We’ll talk soon I hope. KS

    The amazing images evoked tears from me…I just kept seeing a smile on Rachel’s lovely face as the journey continued. You are an amazing lady, and you’ve honoured your wonderfully brave and delightful daughter in a very meaningful way. Well done, Becky…I’m hoping for more and more happiness for you, always.

    Love and thanks for sharing such a wonderful tribute to Rachel’s memory,