Problems Getting Back in the Saddle?

Ever had those icky post-vacation blues? Back from a long holiday, wandering and wondering where you fit in? Somewhat like an ill-fitting sweater, one that’s outgrown itself? Me too.
Even landing in Vancouver last month failed to rally the usual excitement. A place laden with memories of another life time, where we ‘did this’ or ‘went there’.
Like I’m haunting a previous life.

But it’s good to come back and feel what it feels like.

Maybe place isn’t as important as it once was. From time spent with my daughter in the Kootenays, friends visiting from Nova Scotia and Australia, and down in Seattle and Whidbey Island I’m reminded that it’s less about place than it is about people.

Living out of a suitcase however is both ridiculously simple and equally frustrating. Makes me realize how little I need. (Doesn’t seem to stop me from wanting!) My car doubles as library, pantry, and junk draw. But sometimes, just sometimes, I long to have a place to put a cookbook or hang my clothes.

Then I remind myself that having no fixed address or definitive plans, combined with a curiosity to learn more about the people that inhabit a place is a gift. A gift of time. Langley, Whidbey Island has to be one of the friendliest towns to hang out.

It’s my new favourite place.

As with everything, the more you have the more it grows. And the more you give, the more joyful your life and those around you. Everywhere I go the generosity of the people I meet is profound. Likewise I offer myself generously to others. If David Deida’s right in saying that, “Every moment is the most important moment of your life” then may your cup runneth over with GENEROSITY.

It’s my new favourite word. What would it take to be generous with yourself?

14 comments on “Problems Getting Back in the Saddle?

  1. Oh Becky, how true your words are, I have always maintained life is about people not where you happen to be living, we also are living proof having moved over to the other side of Australia, not knowing a soul but finding ourselves again as a couple and also as individuals, learning new skills, joining clubs and being the best people that we can possibly be, what more can you ask for and in return developing wonderful lasting friendships it really is so simple.

    I hope as you continue your journey that you always share with us your fantastic experiences as you have thus far, I for one can’t get enough. Always remember there is always room for you in Bunbury. PS We have moved into a much bigger place 1klm from the beach a beautiful walk thru the dunes, we also have a self contained flat out back, if you ever want to come back. Best of luck I’ll be watching for your next blog. Cheers Gail.

    1. Thank you Gail for your kind words. It means so much. I have such fond memories of Bunbury and all the connections you laid in place for me. Enjoy those lovely friends of yours. xxx

  2. Hi dear Becky… Your new blog site does seem easier for leaving messages! Steve & I went to hear a visiting Buddhist Monk speak on GENEROUS early in 2011~ That’s when it became one of my favourite action words. I still adore HOPE …. It’s kept me going!
    Steve & I don’t always get generous right & have to remind ourselves ~ We do love being generous to our children. Right now we’re practicing being generous to ourselves!!! A trip we’ve dreamed about for at least 20 years! We’re having a fabulous time….
    Here’s to GENEROUS!

    1. And you deserve it all Fiona. I’m so glad you’ve made it out here. Truly a dream realized. xxx

  3. Welcome Home Becky

    Or welcome to the new you rather. I remember the feeling of having a plant that grows throughout the year as an indicator that I was no longer on the road and I was growing a home.
    Gratitude for your Journey and your sharing it with everyone

    1. Thanks Brenda. It’s so lovely to hear from you. Growing a home – what a marvelous expression.

  4. Oh, Becky, you are such a good writer!! Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Tom and I are sorry you didn’t make it to DC but maybe you will when you set out on again. Meanwhile you begin the next adventure in familiar surroundings. Much love. Talk soon!

  5. Hi Becky
    Just read your blog it reminds me how we can only bravely live in the present but going back only exists in our memories and not in a lived space/time. Generosity gives us a sense of abundance a wonderful
    place of fullness joy love and freedom. The best feeling. Lots of love thinking of you Saskia

  6. Hi Becky,

    Welcome back ‘home’. Is it happening like T.S. Eliot said, viz. that at the end of all your exploring you’d arrive back where you started and ‘know it again for the very first time?’ What’s it like — seeing it again, for the first time?

    I still feel the way you do, even after being back in Canada for six years now. Living abroad for so long uprooted my Canadian identity. I now carry my roots with me, in a little ball, that I can transplant with surprising ease. I’m proud of this, but at times feel a little guilty too. What about ‘planting my flag’, ‘settling down’? The echoes of old conditioning, I guess.

    And what a superb question: ‘What would it take to be generous with yourself?’ I certainly was never taught to ask the question — at least not in the sense you’re asking it.

    But if I take a stab at an answer, I would say to myself, “Let it be. Allow yourself you to be wherever you happen to be on the curve of your transformation. In fact, allow yourself the luxury of occupying SEVERAL points on that curve at once. Or I might quote Whitman to myself: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

    Hugs to you, Becky. May all your multitudes find their way home in their own time and in their own way.


    1. Thanks Adrian. I’m glad the question prompted you as it did. Yes, being on several points simultaneously is right on.

  7. It is amazing to read about all the people you have touched just by moving out of your comfort zone and sowing the seeds of thought. We are all changed after our visits from you. Imagine a world if everyone got up and moved out of their comfort zones. Isn’t travel wonderful…what a teacher! Love ya.

    1. Thanks Jac for your beautiful words of appreciation. No one is untouched after spending time with you either. It’s no surprise you enjoy so many great friendships. Who doesn’t want to spend time with a person so generous of spirit, irreverent and FUN!