Begin With The End In Mind

So much is written about New Year’s Resolutions. Some love them, others think they’re for the birds. Not a believer in goal-setting culture (it suggests either accomplishment or failure), I concur with the latter.

Stephen Covey had it right when he suggested we ‘Begin With The End In Mind’ as one of his 7 Habits. How well did you live this one wild life you’ve been given? How might others speak of you after you’ve died? Let’s put our energies toward these kinds of questions as the New Year arrives. No goals, just big picture stuff.

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So, it got me thinking about my own intentions and questions for 2013. They read something like this:

  • Continue to live with joy, and in joy
  • Remind myself that meaning can only be found from within, not from the external world
  • Be open to wherever life takes me, to whomever I meet, and to whatever happens; listen to what they show me about myself
  • Consider how I can help others
  • Let others know how they help me. (I’m getting really good at this:) It’s a Think Win-Win, another of Covey’s 7 Habits.

My external world is HUGE and I love it. It allows for opportunities for my inner world to blossom and grow (Edelweiss-like) through wonder and gratitude for what I DO have, not for what I don’t. 

I relish the movement not as an escape from, but as a mirror to my soul – to what my future self might look back on and thank me for.

This constantly changing world awards endless practice in letting go and saying goodbye; things I used to hate (most of us do) yet in the past required me to do against my will, and too often! Now I choose a lifestyle that welcomes endings, hoping it heals and softens my resistance to change.

2012 has taken me from Australia to San Francisco, awarded me infinite beauty, choice times with friends and family, and more joy and laughter than I remember even as a child.

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So, from a friend whose eloquent voice says it all:

I hope that 2013 unfolds in a way that meets your heart’s desires … and that you and those you love will be blessed in those ways that matter most.

9 comments on “Begin With The End In Mind

  1. Happy New year Becky… wherever you are, not sure where your travels have taken you lately.
    I so enjoyed your blog especially your take on new year resolutions….I agree. I was intersted to see you’re quoting from “The 7 Habits..” I remember Francine giving the staff each a copy when she became head all those years ago. I must dig it up as it sounds more my kind of book now! Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for what I have and not to be concerned about what I don’t have.
    Best wishes for 2013

  2. Happy New Year Becky, as always an enjoyable read, inspiring. Bunbury is all the better for having someone like you stay, I know you have left your mark.
    Many wishes for 2013 and safe travels
    Gail x

  3. Happy New Year to you Becky. Thank you for including me in your delightful musings, always an enjoyable read. Happy travels for 2013.
    G2 xx

  4. Happy New Year Becky! “Begin with the End in Mind” has been my mantra for many years. Don’t know how many times I read the 7 Habits, including doing the writing. Might be the only book I’ve read and internalized so whole-heartedly.

    Hope 2013 continues to expand your soul, and I also hope to see you in 2013 🙂 …

    xoxo Petra

  5. Hi Becky:
    Such beautiful words and thoughts. I believe in the power of intention, and yes, the older I get, the bigger the picture gets. And the more I contemplate Mary Oliver’s best-ever question: “tell me what it is you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?” What a lovely gift you have been in 2012 my dear…..I wish you continued peace, joy and abundance in 2013!
    Blessed be,

  6. My dear Becky, it always brings me such joy and smiles when I read about your life that you are living and the experiences along the way. You have been such an inspiration to me, and I think of you often which always brings a smile and the memory of a warm embrace when we see each other.

  7. So, here we are now!
    2013 has begun….
    I was watching School Spectacular (primary & secondary students all singing all dancing all theatrical) on TV last night & in the closing moments I heard this in a song…. BE WHAT TOMORROW NEEDS. I like that a lot! So, with that in mind Steve & I did some solid Summer house cleaning to kick start the year!!!
    No doubt I`ll know what all my “tomorrows” need when they come…. I also know I can make some choices too!
    I do know that having you Becky as my friend in my tomorrows is a good thang! I`m hoping it means I visit with you in person in the not too distant future too!
    HaPpY NEw YeAr!

  8. Dear Becky,

    As always, your blogs are inspirational. Wherever you are I hope your path is filled with adventure and joy and I can’t wait for you to write that book….