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I recall watching ‘The Bucket List’ during a 5-hour ferry ride from Nova Scotia to Maine back in 2008. I remember it because I was attempting to knit my first ever pair of socks while on board. It seemed like a pretty entertaining movie, at least what I saw of it, but maneuvering four double-pointed needles is hardly a smart choice – ever.

Since that time, stuff has happened that cast a whole new light on the Bucket List thing. I’ll spare you the details. I’ve been reminded that ‘now’ is the only time we have. No postponing. No contingencies. No Bucket List for me.


“What will you cross off your Bucket List in 2013?” was the question Dana Sitar asked those of us who signed up to ‘A Writer’s Bucket List’ Launch Team. It’s the title of the book she released earlier this week to much deserved fanfare. If you want to get back into writing and feel stuck for ideas, you’d do well to get hold of a copy. Dana could rightfully place a giant tick beside her list, and it’s only February!

If you follow my blog you know I advocate for a ‘One Day At A Time’ approach to life, the kind I figure Eckhart would approve of. So it left me in a strange position. Constructing a thoughtful piece on a Bucket List…an array of things one hopes to do but often neglects until the end is fast approaching…seemed incongruous.

But then I realized Dana epitomizes the ‘One Day At A Time’ lifestyle so I’d start there. Last Spring, with her internet connection down, she got to work on this book, ‘The Writer’s Bucket List’. For the past six months she’s traveled all over the U.S. and now divides her time between four of its cities. Her second great obsession is stand-up comedy. She writes about it, performs it, and even lives with a comic, all of which likely accounts for her upbeat, can-do attitude. She even looks like fun.dana-sitar-head-shot


So for Dana, I’m making an exception. Here’s what I shall cross off my Bucket List in 2013. I’m doing it one day at a time.


Complete, and launch the book Joyful Mourning. Get it into the hands of EVERYONE who wants to know that grief can change you in good ways; that you can live with joy despite loss; that it’s the best way to honour your own life and the memory of a loved one. 

JoyfulMourning-TeaserCover-blueP.S. If you want to contribute a story, article or poem to the book please visit for more information.

P.P.S. I never made another pair of socks

12 comments on “Becky On Bucket Lists

  1. Great post, Becky! Thanks for making an exception for the Bucket List Challenge 🙂 I look forward to your book launch — it looks like a beautiful project.

  2. Hi Becky, good luck with your book, I hope it brings you peace.
    Nothing deep & meaningful about my bucket list given that I’m a golf tragic !! Played Barnbougle Dunes & The Lost Farm golf courses in Tasmania last month… they were all that I’d dreamed of…tick.
    G2 XX

  3. Becky – it sounds like a great book. I love your title. My sister released a book with writings she created the first year after losing a child, “Collective Writings” It was very helpful to her, and to others also grieving. I will watch for your book – best of luck and success.

    1. Thanks Elisabeth, I love the title too. Good on your sister. If she would like to share her story of healing, I would love to include it in the book. I am also doing interviews (via Skype) for stories. Contact me at if that would be of interest to either of you.

  4. Love love love the title and cover. Does it have to be the death of a loved one? Or any kind of loss?

    1. Hi Williesha,

      Thanks for your feedback about the cover. I love it more and more too – took a lot of time with the cover artist but he did a great job. For now, the book is just about the death of a loved one, although I completely understand there’s a need for more conversation around losses of other kinds. Maybe that will be another book! If you want to contact me privately you can send an email to