Be Big With No Apology

So here we are again. The final hours of one year and the dawn of the next. For me a launch into an unknown future laden with possibility and choice, the realm of which is profoundly exciting and necessary.

A recent article by Mastin Kipp, reaffirmed something I know that I know:

DSCN2414When we remember that everything in the Universe is happening ‘for us’ and not ‘to us’ we can begin to take our power back. 


We are not defined by what happens to us but by what we DO about what happens to us. 


We all have the power to change the meaning we give to any event in our life.


Getting still, being able to hear your own voice and not the voices of the world is a necessary prerequisite. And on the tough days I remind myself that it’s just a bad day, nothing more.

A few weeks ago, struggling with a sense of purpose and meaning in my life, a friend dropped in before heading off to her new home in Palma. Mid-conversation she announced, “You never know what’ll happen next. That’s what makes life worth living.”  Ah-Hah! Yes! Absolutely! Unknowingly she had spoken the words I so needed to hear in that moment.

As the year comes to a close I embrace the unbridled sense of freedom and possibility that surrounds my days. Comfortable with uncertainty, as Pema Chodren would say. Not knowing what tomorrow brings, where I shall next call home, whom I shall meet, or where I shall go I hold the possibility that by staying with the situation answers will come. It will be felt, not logically arrived at. Exciting, kind of scary but definitely where I choose to put my energies. Abundance flows into my life everyday if I allow it.

Thank you to those of you who hold me close in your heart, for your words of encouragement and for sharing the inspiration I seem to provide to many! I wish you all a wonderful New Year. DSCN2202


We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time


– T.S. Eliot –

6 comments on “Be Big With No Apology

  1. Such inspiring thoughts as some people around the globe celebrate a New Year on January 1, 2012. There are other calendars and other world views – but everyone anticipates a better moment, a happier life. Desires, holding patterns, patience, compassion, so much to keep and so much to let go of. The mystery is so fascinating – wouldn't have wanted to miss on e minute of it! much love and safe travels and look at the stars in that hemisphere for me! and I will look up and see those in our northern hemisphere and send you best wishes – will be with Suna, Gabriela and other friends in Lions Bay at Saffron Lions Retreat on New Year's Day!! Feliz Año Nuevo. Natalie

  2. Thank you for your Blog – I read everyone with great interest and every time mean to send you an email or post a comment – so why don't I? Probably something I need to explore with myself.
    I just want to let you know that you are inspirational and someone I still feel very close to. Your 'postings' (if that is the right terminology) hold a great resonance to/for me and also challenge me.
    I look forward to each one and feel privileged to read them, as I do looking through your amazing photos.

  3. great Blog, Becky!!! I am very proud of you and also you made my day with your positive words and thoughts!!! Amazing, yes you are right…one day after the other…great pictures as well and after seen your beach images I know now that I have to go to the Atlantic coast in Patagonia to observe pinguins, sea elephants and wales and also to be with myself to lister to my inner voice what it will tell me where to go and where to live this year. thank you so very lucky I am to have met you in Deia, Mallorca!!! besos Jutta

  4. Happy, happy New Year to you too! Thanks for your precious words – what a lucky person I am to have you met… Lots of love and all my best thoughts – Annina.

  5. Wherever you are Becky, rest assured us here in Bunbury are so much richer for having someone like you grace us with your presence. How disappointed I was to have never met you and how blessed were those that did, you left an indelible memory on our neighbours and friends and have been the topic of our conversations around those byo barbies that you enjoy so much. Gail, Betty and myself will be watching your blogs and following your journeys be where they may and wish you nothing but happiness and safe travels.

    I think Sarah and Mickey miss you, I often find them in the bedrooms, something they never did I'm sure they are looking for you. Thankyou again for being a wonderful house-sitter but more than that, an all round great gal who looked after our beloved pooches. Keep in touch and always know Bunbury welcomes you with open arms, there is always room here at our home for you. x